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Welcome to Rett’s Roost

A Community of Healing and Hope


We understand that when a child is diagnosed with cancer or other chronic illness, the entire family is affected. At Rett’s Roost we provide support for sick kids, their siblings, and their parents.


When your child is diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer, most people seek out others that have walked the path before them. Peer support is crucial for processing our traumas.


Rett’s Roost offers free, meaningful retreats and social gatherings that bring families together, cultivate hope and healing, and remind them how to feel joy again in their lives.

About Us

The reason we are here is…

To be a source of hope and healing for families impacted by childhood cancer and child loss, offering holistic retreats and meaningful gatherings that create connection, while honoring the process of grief and the power of love. We believe in cultivating a community of families pursuing a path of healing through shared experiences of joy and reflection.

How can you get involved?

You can help us continue to provide community and support to our families by donating or volunteering.

Upcoming Events

Join one of our programs or events

Organized By: Rett’s Roost

Behold the Cold Polar Plunge

The 3rd Annual ‘Behold the Cold’ Polar Plunge in support of Rett’s Roost Retreats will be taking place both remotely (in any cold body of water) and in-person at Ogunquit’s Main Beach on March 3rd at 11am (extreme weather alternative – March 10th, 11am)!

Organized By: Rett’s Roost

Yoga For Seasonal Anxiety & Depression

Yoga is a perfect way to overcome depression that creeps in during the cold, dark, winter months. This donation-based class at Yoga East in Kittery will warm us up for the polar plunge on Sunday. All are welcome!

Organized By: Rett’s Roost

Forever Healing Parent Retreat

If you lost a child to cancer or a terminal illness, you may feel like there is no where to turn for support. But you are not alone. If you need a weekend to honor your child’s memory with others that understand your pain, we hope you sign up.

Organized By: Rett’s Roost

Open to Healing Family Grief Retreat

Open yourself and your family up to healing grief in new ways. Rett’s Roost will be hosting up to 8 bereaved families at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center, providing nearly four full days of therapeutic support and connecting with others.

Organized By: Rett’s Roost

Positively Healing Family Retreat with Camp Casco

We create a joyful, empathetic space for families to relax, renew, and lament after months or years in a hospital environment. This summer will be hosting 8 families impacted by childhood cancer at Ferry Beach Retreat Center with Camp Casco!

Thank You

Featured Sponsor

The Press Room in Portsmouth, NH recently sponsored our Winter Blues Bereavement Lunch. They offered two full floors of space for the afternoon and provided delicious food with impeccable service. It was the perfect January day to spend cozy inside with friends that truly understand the loss of a child.


Hear what some of our families are saying…

  • rett's roost

    The Hanson Family

    New Hampshire

    Rett’s Roost is a full circle of support. We were able to meet people and connect–that is everything.

  • [ rett's roost ]

    The Redmans

    Kittery, Maine

    Rett’s Roost has gone above and beyond to make us feel that we are not alone in this crazy world of cancer and child loss…

  • danoff

    The Danoff-Storcks

    Portland, Maine

    Rett’s Roost provides this amazing space and experiences where the parents and kids are celebrated…

  • [ rett's roost - rolling ridge ]

    The Velez-Rivera Family

    Dover, New Hampshire

    Be patient and positive. Advocate for your child’s needs. Try not to overthink about the future, just live one day at a time.


    Charlie’s Hope

    New York

    We have found that compassionately supporting other bereaved families helps us carry our own grief, and our child forward.

  • [ rett's roost ]

    Princess & Madison


    Somehow if you meet the right person or people; they can help bring some life back into you. Put a little sparkle back in your eye.


    Erica & Josie


    Find other families in the cancer community, tell each other your stories, there is strength is hearing what others have been through.


    The Thompson Family


    You welcomed Cori, my boys, and myself with open arms and have always been genuine and shown such compassion, love, and understanding.


    The Austin Family

    New Hampshire

    Connecting with families has been so powerful… in a space for us to authentically connect with each other and openly grieve.

  • [ rett's roost ]

    The Schultz Family

    New Jersey

    Our retreat was a pivotal experience for our family and helped bring us together and I believe it made us stronger.

  • [ rett's roost ]

    The Bares Family


    This organization has helped rebuild my mind, body, family, and community.


    The Santoro Family


    In the moments when a gift or dinner is dropped off, you are also given an ear to listen and a connection to a community that is there.

  • McCary Family

    The McCary Family

    New Hampshire

    We have thoroughly enjoyed attending the retreats and meeting other families who have gone through a childhood cancer diagnosis.


    The Jarboe Family


    Rett’s Roost has opened a door for our family that did not exist. It has helped us in our grief journey to not feel so alone.


    The Goodman Family

    New Hampshire

    Shilo farm was a magical weekend. We enjoyed the intimacy of being with other families who understand.


    The Iorio Family


    Parent circles were the best part of the retreat. It feels so powerful, because it’s something we can talk about together and process.


    The Strong Family

    New York

    I just felt like family when I walked through the doors. It was so easy to talk to everyone there.


    The Silvani Family

    New Hampshire

    RR is special in that despite its roots in grief, Deana & Jim also open their hearts to survivors which makes them very special indeed.


    The Wilson Family


    We came away from our Rett’s Roost Retreat with renewed hope, love & purpose.


    The Kaiser Family


    Meeting and spending time with others who can relate feels like home to us, and the retreat was one way of connecting in that way.

  • ROSS

    The Ross Family


    Healing is a journey that will last a lifetime, just like the connections and friendships I’ve made through such a caring organization.

  • NEAL

    The Neal Family


    This has been so hard for us! We attend this retreat to meet people who really understand what we go through and gain coping skills.

  • giordano

    The Giordano Family

    New Hampshire

    Thank you to Deana and Jim, for sharing your love for Rett with us through your retreat. It was a wonderful experience for our family.

Has childhood cancer or child loss affected your family?

Our community welcomes you with open arms.