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Our Familes / Family Stories

The Neal Family

We are a family of six. Jason and I (Shawnalee) have been married for 9 years and are the parents of 4 wonderful kids. Jordan (17), Cameron whom would be 15, Jason Jr (7), and Tiara (4). In april of 2010 our lives forever changed. Cameron was diagnosed with Anaplastic Ependymoma. Cameron was such a happy, vibrant and strong kid. There was no way he couldn't beat brain cancer.... right? Cameron fought for 5 years, fighting through 5 brain surgeries, two 6 week stays for radiation, every chemo known to man, and approved and trial meds. In November 2014 his doctors gave us the worst news any child or parent could ever receive. There was no more treatment. No other options. They told us our precious baby boy only had 3 to 6 months to live. They was wrong! Our big man fought almost another year. Cameron gained his Angel wings on his baby sister’s 4th birthday (9/14/15). He was comforted in our home by us and his oldest brother Jordan. This day changed our lives forever. Since Cameron passed we don't talk to people. It seems like no one understands. We go to work and come straight home to snuggle with our babies. Even our oldest son. He goes to school, lacrosse and work. It feels like we haven’t had any time to process Cameron’s loss. Tiara always has questions though. She greatly misses her Cammy Bear! "Mommy I miss Cammy," "Why does Cammy have to be dead mom?" "If we go visit him..... will he really be there? I just wanna hug and kiss him mommy!" These are the daily questions of a 4 year old. How do you answer some of these? Jason Jr has completely disconnected. He never talks about Cam at all. If he hears Tiara crying he simply and quietly tells her, "I miss Cammy too sissy." This has been so hard for our family! We want to attend this retreat in hopes of meeting people who really understand what we go through as well to gain coping skills. Thank you for taking your time to get to know our family a little. Jason & Shawnalee Neal


This has been so hard for us! We attend this retreat to meet people who really understand what we go through and gain coping skills.