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Our Programs

Grief & End of Life Support

For families facing the end-of-life of their child or those already grieving, we offer the support of an death doula and monthly virtual grief groups.

My child is on hospice

Coming to terms with the possibility that one’s child might not survive their cancer diagnosis is one of the most complex transitions you will ever experience. To support you through this time we partner with bereaved mother and End-of Life Doula, Beecher Grogan, who has supported medically complex children and their families for over 20 years. Beecher holds space for hope while helping sick children and their families navigate difficult conversations about dying. She compassionately guides the family as they process thoughts and concerns that no child or parent or sibling should ever have to think about. During the end-of-life transition, Beecher works closely with you and your medical care team to support the sick child, their parents/caregivers, siblings, and their loved ones by providing:

* Coaching for difficult conversations
* Legacy work
* Photography sessions
* Spiritual exploration and emotional support, often through art projects
* End-of-Life advocacy
* Vigil sitting
* Grief Counseling for the sick child and their family
* Visits to her farm in southern Maine to visit with therapy animals (bunnies Nigel, Alice, Kitten, Flopsy, and Simba) and Sweetie, (mini therapy horse in training)
* Planning for celebrations of life, ceremonies, funerals, or memorial services

My child passed away

If you’ve lost a child to a chronic, childhood illness, and would like to be connected to a community of bereaved parents, look no further. In addition to our signature bereavement retreats, we also offer a monthly virtual grief group to connect families. Not every grieving person is comfortable in speaking about their loss openly with people they don’t yet know. However, studies show that peer support groups are as much, if not more, effective as professional individual psychotherapy. The people that do attend, consider it an integral part of their healing.

At the meetings, each person is encouraged, but not obligated, to share for 10-15 minutes and respond to others’ inquiries. In this supportive environment, parents can make peer connections for themselves and their surviving children. They also can see positive examples of people that have managed to survive their grief, and receive empathy for when their own grief feels too much to bear. There is no geographic restriction to attend our online grief group, however, it is specific to people that lost a child under 20 to a disease or health condition.

To be notified of our monthly grief group meeting, please click the buttton below and sign up as a bereaved family:

“Rett’s Roost is a light of hope to families of childhood cancer. We felt so alone & on a different world after our son Mason died. To know there are others who are experiencing life’s worst loss & that we can come together in peace to honor our children living and deceased, is a gift we will never forget.”
-Beverly Wilson, bereaved mom, June 2019 Open to Healing Retreat
How can you get involved?

You can help us continue to provide community and support to our families by donating or volunteering.