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Our Programs

We cultivate a community of families that have experienced childhood cancer or child loss by providing hopeful retreats, joyful gatherings, and peer support.

We believe that healing of the deep grief and trauma associated with childhood cancer treatment and child loss takes place through mindful, meaningful experiences; deep, empathetic connections; and holistic, integrated therapies.

What we offer…

Our seminal program was started in 2015 with two Positively Healing Retreats for families of childhood cancer survivors. The next year, we added Open to Healing Retreats for bereaved families to our schedule. Each year the number of retreats we were able to offer grew.

In 2020, the global pandemic changed everything. We pivoted to virtual programs and outdoor gatherings for families that still honored our mission of providing a safe and supportive community to cancer and loss families. With the widespread efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine, we were able to safely return to our in-person, overnight retreats again in the fall of 2021. But we decided to keep many of our social gatherings and online support groups.

In 2024, we have four retreats planned, two for families, two Forever Healing retreats for grieving parents. Our program schedule also includes several opportunities for local families to connect at our Community Gatherings, such as the Winter Blues Bereavement Lunch, a Maine Mariners semi-pro hockey game, a Vent Smash and Splatter experience, Mom SUP Yoga, and a Dad-only day to connect and heal.

We are also adding a new service to local families who are told their child’s disease is terminal. Rett’s Roost will be providing end-of-life guidance and support to families. And we will continue to offer our monthly online grief group to parents that lost a young child to disease.

  • Retreats


    Our retreats offer a free, intimate, immersive experience to connect families touched by childhood cancer and child loss. At our in-person retreats for both survivor and bereaved families, we offer […]

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  • Community Gatherings

    Community Gatherings

    We provide a safe, supportive space for emotional healing through peer-to-peer connections and joyful, therapeutic activities. Although the value and quality of our intimate, immersive retreats is significant, a one-time […]

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  • Grief & End of Life Support

    Grief & End of Life Support

    For families facing the end-of-life of their child or those already grieving, we offer the support of an death doula and monthly virtual grief groups. My child is on hospice… […]

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  • Programs Calendar

    Programs Calendar

    The feeling of loneliness when your child is diagnosed with cancer or leaves this world is palpable. Finding friends that understand a little of what you are experiencing as a […]

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How can you get involved?

You can help us continue to provide community and support to our families by donating or volunteering.