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About Us / Our Organization

Our Purpose

To be a source of hope and healing for families impacted by childhood cancer and child loss, offering holistic retreats and meaningful gatherings that create connection, while honoring the process of grief and the power of love.

How we meet our mission…

We achieve the above mission by creating thoughtful and therapeutic programs that connect parents and children with others that have been through similar traumatic and tragic circumstances. One of our goals is to give children with cancer and their families a joyful respite after months or years of hospital visits and worry. Our second priority is to bring grieving families together in an effort to reduce the overwhelming feeling of loneliness that accompanies child loss.

In our efforts to support families, we adhere to the following values and practices:

SUPPORT: We provide free, meaningful retreats, joyful gatherings, end-of-life support, and virtual services for families affected by cancer and child loss.

CONNECT: We foster a community of families with similar tragic stories of cancer and loss.

HEAL: We encourage holistic healing of the body, mind, and spirit through integrative therapies, psychosocial support, movement, massage, energy work, creativity, and mindfulness toward the natural and spiritual world.

SUSTAIN: We cultivate a financially healthy organization by fostering relationships with our donors and grantors and community business sponsors.

ADVOCATE: We strive to increase public awareness about the prevalence, treatment, and research for all types of childhood cancer.

COLLABORATE: We actively look to work with existing, similar nonprofit organizations to increase overall effectiveness in supporting families impacted by childhood cancer and child loss.

INCLUDE: We carry forward the above functions of Rett’s Roost without discriminating against any person or organization because of race, age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or religious belief.

Check out this promotional video that spotlights our retreat programs…

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