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Nonprofit Friends

We’d like to recognize the following non-profits and foundations for their support and synergy:

KOA Care Camps

Care Camps has been a major financial supporter of Rett’s Roost’s retreats throughout the years. They continue to sponsor our family retreats and include Rett’s Roost in their community of camps for kids with cancer.

Lucy’s Love Bus

Lucy’s Love Bus supports Rett’s Roost by sharing our retreat programs with their community and providing much needed guidance in non-profit management.

Maxlove Project

Maxlove Project is another nonprofit that we work closely with. In 2024, we will be collaborating for the first time on a grief retreat for parents called Turning Toward Grief.

Camp Casco

Camp Casco has always been a close friend to Rett’s Roost by sharing our retreat programs with their community. In 2024, for the first time, we will be working together at our Positively Healing Retreat. Camp Casco has signed on to provide what they do best–kids programming.

Michael C. McHugh Foundation

The Michael C. McHugh Foundation is a significant financial backer of Rett’s Roost. Their founder sat as the board chair for Rett’s Roost from 2021-2023.

Zach’s Bridge

Zach’s Bridge is a new organization that will be working with families that receive a terminal cancer diagnosis for their child. They have always been huge supporters of Rett’s Roost and we will continue to collaborate on supporting families together.

The Joy in Childhood Foundation

The Joy in Childhood Foundation through Dunkin has supported Rett’s Roost retreats over the years with much needed financial support.

Smiley Seth Organization

Smiley Seth Organization provides financial support to Rett’s Roost retreats each year.

One Mission

One Mission covered 100% of the cost of our Open to Healing Retreat at Ferry Beach in 2023. They are loyal supporters and share our information in the resource rooms at the children’s hospitals they serve.

The Parmenter Foundation

The Parmenter Foundation sees the value in our retreats and has offered to sponsor three families from the Metrowest region of Massachusetts to attend one of our Open to Healing Bereavement retreat.

The Southern Maine Planning & Developmnet Commission

SMPDC is a non-partisan nonprofit that cultivates thriving, sustainable communities and strengthens local governments by leading planning and economic development for 39 member towns in Southern Maine. SMPDC is a donor to our programs.

Golf Fights Cancer

Golf Fights Cancer loves our programs and has donated to our work.

Make-A-Wish NH

We have a close connection with Make-A-Wish NH. They make sure that families know about our retreats, especially those whose child does not survive their cancer.

Heroes Circle Kids Kicking Cancer

Heroes Circle Kids Kicking Cancer are loyal retreat supporters. They donate their time by sending mindful martial arts instructors to all of our major retreats.