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Our Approach

To cultivate a community of families pursuing a path of healing through shared experiences of joy and reflection.

Rett’s Roost strives to be a beacon of hope and healing for families suffering through their darkest hours

Childhood cancer treatment is incredibly brutal, leading to a lifetime of physical side effects and emotional traumas. During treatment, parents often have to leave their jobs to become full time caretakers, and afterwards, continued anxiety of a relapse. Siblings are often neglected during this difficult time, and start to feel as though their daily lives are less important than their sick brother or sister’s.

Losing a child, despite your deepest hope and best efforts to save them, is a traumatic event in a parent’s life—one that can easily lead to complicated mental and physical health issues, relationship and work strain, and the loss of a sense of self or purpose. Bereaved siblings not only witness these significant changes in their parents’ emotional state ( as well as the amount of time and love dedicated to the sick child); they also feel a gaping hole in their life when their sibling passes away.

Unfortunately, cancer treatment and sibling loss is an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) that could impact childrens’ overall happiness and success later in life. The feelings of loneliness or being different from their peers is palpable for children, and need to be addressed—just as much as parents must tend to their own trauma.

We envision a future where people don’t suffer alone

At our free healing retreats and social gatherings, parents and children gather with others that have been through similar tragic circumstances. We honor one another’s difficult journeys and the children that have suffered, and offer therapeutic ways to cope through moments of stress, grief, and isolation. All aspects of Rett’s Roost programs are based on holistic, mindful, nondenominational principles that ensure families have a safe, relaxing, and healing experience.