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Hoo’s Rett

Everett Thomas Cavan (aka, Rett) was born to this world at sunrise on April 27th, 2014; a little owl spirit in the form of a perfect baby boy.


Rett’s Roost was started in honor of Jim & Deana Cavan’s son in 2015, just months after his passing on 2/22.

When Rett was only 6 months old, a large tumor was found on his liver. The cancer turned out to be a very rare and aggressive type, called Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor. It would take his life after just under 4 months of treatment.

Despite his sickness, Everett exuded an infectious personality. People felt love just looking into his intense blue eyes, which showed life in a new light. He chose his mom and dad to carry out his mission, to create a retreat program for families facing childhood cancer and child loss—to take them somewhere far from hospital rooms and the painful reminders; somewhere beautiful and serene; somewhere with friends that understand.

Just once around the sun for this baby’s old soul; that’s all he needed to make his imprint on the world. Rett will never be forgotten by his family and community. And his legacy and love will be permanently captured in the hearts of all the families we’ve touched.