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Our Familes / Family Stories

The Cavan Family

Healthy pregnancy, healthy birth, and healthy baby—his mama and dada, Deana and Jim, were overjoyed. For the first six months, life felt like it was meant to be. Rett was by no means an easy baby, but he was thriving, aware, and simply beautiful to look at. On October 28th life changed forever as a visit to the pediatrician for what seemed to be a stomach bug turned into every parent and child’s worst nightmare. Cancer, an extremely large solid tumor, was found on his liver. He’d start chemotherapy immediately. Malignant rhabdoid tumors are nothing to scoff at, in fact, they are extremely rare and aggressive and the prognosis is dire. Rett and his mom and dad spent most of the next 4 months living at Boston Children’s Hospital. After two cycles of the strongest chemo they can give a child, the doctors felt ready to try removing the liver tumor, although it would not be easy because of its size. What was most baffling however was that while the chemo succeeded in killing 99% of the cancer in that primary tumor, it did nothing to stop rogue cancer cells that were suddenly found invading his lungs. This new metastatic disease slashed the probability of recovery in half. Against the odds, Rett’s little liver regenerated and started functioning well enough for more chemo three long weeks after surgery. But during this time, his lungs filled with more cancer. After just one more unsuccessful cycle of chemo, the doctors in Boston could do no more. A three-day trip to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in TN with the hopes of entering a clinical trial proved that there were absolutely no more options, and not much time either. Rett got to experience one last adventure on his med-flight home complete with door to door ambulance rides (one of his favorite toys was his wind-up ambulance). Three days later at home on February 22nd, after his closest family members all got to say goodbye, Everett crossed over to the spirit world during a magnificent sunset. The number 222 (the date he passed) is shown to those who are awakening to the presence and guidance from the angelic realm. Its vibration creates inspiration, big ideas, and the persistence needed to manifest dreams into reality. Gratefully, he left his parents feeling not just heartbroken, but also selfless, motivated, and bountiful—carriers of his benevolent torch in the form of Rett’s Roost.