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AT/RT Brain Cancer | Rett's Roost

Diagnoses: AT/RT Brain Cancer

The Strong Family

Everything felt unreal and everything happened so fast. Treatment was work then all of a sudden it was not and Caden was gone. There was nothing I could do to save my baby. There was no real treatment to help him fight. I felt completely powerless and defeated.

The Bottari Family

….having your infant son take his last breathe in your arms.  Something I would never wish on anyone but also something I wouldn’t change for a second. I was there to bring him into this world and I was there to ease and comfort him on his way out.

The Mortimer Family

Brady was born on June 23, 2009 in Manhattan, Kansas at Mercy Regional Hospital. A healthy and happy 7lbs. 8oz. baby boy. At 2 1/2 years old, Brady started complaining of headaches and eye pain followed by vomiting almost everyday. Katy, Bradys mom, took him to his primary care physician and she said it was just a virus. Time went on and his symptoms worsened. Bradys family was anxious and needed answers so, they were VERY persistent and demanded a CT scan. The news was horrific, they found a massive tumor in his brain.