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2022 Annual Report

For Rett’s Roost, 2022 was a year of unique challenges—and ambitious ideas for the future. As we shifted away from pandemic precautions, and toward larger and longer retreats, finding our “new normal” proved a bit tricky.

Thankfully, we made it through a busy summer and fall, and with a landslide of end-of-year donations, we’re extremely optimistic for what’s to come. As awareness around mental health and grief become more universal in the public consciousness, our supporters see the value in what we offer—to be an essential resource for families facing the awful reality of their child’s cancer diagnosis or death.

Our vision of creating community between families is becoming clearer as we forge new partnerships and bring on fresh faces to help us grow. By the end of January, we’ll be announcing our exciting program schedule for 2023. Thank you all for continuing to believe in the work we do at Rett’s Roost. With your unwavering and impressive support, there’s no telling what we can achieve in the years ahead.