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In-Person Retreats

The COVID-19 pandemic was good in one way–it forced us to create new and more types of programming other than in-person multi-family retreats. We instinctively pivoted to online support programming, family grants, and individual family trips. For more info on what we did in 2020 to adapt, Click Here.

Or to check out our new online support groups, family grants, and individual trips, Click Here.

Scroll down to read more about our potential in-person retreats for 2021. Check back in early June to apply. 


Positively Healing Survivor Retreat

Rolling Ridge Retreat center – north Andover, MA
August 13-16, 2021 

***PENDING*** Remaining hopeful as the vaccine rolls out to more and more people, we are already planning a retreat for families of childhood cancer survivors at this new-to-us location in North Andover, MA for August of 2021. These joy-filled retreats offer an opportunity for families to connect with each other about their shared experience with childhood cancer. A myriad of therapeutic activities are offered for all ages. More info coming soon.

Open to Healing Bereavement Retreat

Rett’s Roost Heartquarters – Ogunquit, ME
SEPT 23-26, 2021

***PENDING*** Our hope is to host one three-day retreat for bereaved families in Ogunquit this summer. Parents will be able to talk about grieving their child that died of cancer with others that understand, while children participate in more playful therapeutic activities. Think of it as a weekend-long support group interspersed with engaging, inspiring activities and personal connections to lift your spirits and lighten your hearts. More info coming soon.