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Rett's Roost Upcoming Retreats

Upcoming Retreats


We are now accepting applications to our 2020 retreats.

Because of COVID-19 we have made some recent changes to our 2020 schedule and programming. More info…

Positively Healing Survivor Retreats

MAY 15-17, 2020 – due to covid-19, postponed TO OCT 16-19. 2020 

*** UPDATE *** Because this retreat has been postponed until the Fall, Maine & NH families with children surviving cancer can contact us if they are interested in staying in a cabin at Duck Puddle in May or June. The October retreat is for families that have a cancer kid in maintenance or off-treatment, still undergoing monitoring. Each family gets their own cabin at the campground, right on the lake. Most of our group activities take place in their beautiful barn (shown below). Getting out into nature after spending so much time in a hospital environment could be the most healing aspect of this retreat. Learn more…

Open to Healing Bereavement Retreats

june 25-28, 2020 – DUE TO COVID-19, This has been MOVED TO AUG 20-23, 2020

This three day retreat is geared toward bereaved families with mostly young children–infants to under 10 (not a requirement but programming will be focused on this age group). Our goal is to help you get away on a little vacation with your family and to be able to talk about grieving your child that died of cancer with others that understand your plight. Think of it as a weekend-long support group interspersed with engaging, inspiring activities to boost your spirits and lift your hearts. Sign up here.


July 23-26, 2020

This second bereavement retreat will be more focused on families with children between 8-17 years old (not a requirement but programming will be focused on this age group). The past couple years we’ve noticed that pre-teens and teens need special attention when it comes to grieving their sibling. We hope that beautiful relationships are forged on this weekend, among parents and adolescents. We’ll offer a few healing activities each day and fun experiences in Ogunquit like horseback riding, mini-golf/go-carts, and beach time. Primarily, this will be a time to remember the beloved child no longer with us, while feeling the warm sun and salt on our face and sand in our toes. If you lost a child to cancer and would like to attend with your surviving children, click here.


One & Only – Only child loss – ogunquit, me
November 6-9th, 2020

This weekend is for parents that lost their only child to cancer. It’s a really tough situation when you’re left childless after being a mother or father. We try to face each family’s situation with a most sensitive and compassionate heart. This retreat is meant to create hope, not necessarily hope for another child, but hope for finding joy again. We understand the fragility of only child loss. And we feel that coming together for a whole weekend is healing and powerful. In this way, we hope to bring together couples or single parents that can support each other. Join us.

Grief is Love Day Retreats

Grief is Love Day retreats for parents – Ogunquit, ME
April 25 & May 2 (ONLINE) June 14 & 28 (ONLINE) and November 21, 2020

These one-day retreats are for parents that lost a child under 18 to any cause. The April retreat will be for those that lost a child between the ages of 5-18. June will be for all types of loss of children 18 and under. November will be in person for parents grieving a child under 10. Cultivating a community of lovingkindness & understanding is one intention of all Rett’s Roost retreats. We promise to offer a safe and empathetic environment with professional therapists and compassionate volunteers, as well as moments of reflection & remembrance through various group and individual therapies. Apply here.