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Treatment Outcome: Survivors

Maximus Strength

One of the hardest moments came in May of 2018, when they received the phone call that Max had relapsed. The oncologist called, somber and apologetic… “I’m sorry Sarah, it’s back, there’s three new tumors and we suspect there’s more.”

The Santoro Family

At two years old, on December 9th of 2018, Jane Santoro was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and the nightmare that is pediatric cancer began.

The McCary Family

After James’ initial treatment and recovery, he spent 13 months in remission. Unfortunately in the summer of 2021, routine testing showed a possible recurrence of the cancer.

The Goodman Family

The diagnosis… came as a bittersweet victory. Addie’s mom, Angie, recalls, “I had to fight for the diagnosis from a top specialist from Cincinnati Children’s. I was watching my daughter get worse so I felt some relief once treatment started.”

The Clinton Family

“For me it was like the end of the world.  I was so terrified and devastated.  Nothing seemed normal or real.  I literally fell on the floor.  It was like I opened a door and walked into a horror movie and the door closed behind me.  Nothing would ever be the same after that point,” Breslyn’s mom said.