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Our Supporters

We’ve been supported by some amazing people and businesses so far. And we’re extremely grateful that everyone sees the value in our organization. We’d like to recognize the following people for their generous offerings of time, money, and love:

Jonas Amberger and Amylyn Fairchild-Amberger for donating their property Shilo Farm Eco B&B and much of their time for our September Retreat and Harvest Gala.

Melissa Aho, Jordan Lippmeier, and Taylor Goodwin for dedicating their heart, soul, and many hours to bring the Spooktacular Festival to fruition. Also, to Melissa who purchased airline tickets for a family of 4 to attend a 2016 retreat.

Caitlin Carrano for the love and joy she brought to our families on retreat and all the time she took to photograph their experience.

Shannon Dyer for running 26.2 miles for Rett’s Roost in the Boston Marathon in April. She raised $2,200 to help the Neal family from Ohio travel to a retreat this summer!

Geniuswitch & Elise Weeks for designing our amazing website and logo worth $30,000 pro bono!

Charlie Jordan, CPA for donating 40 hours of his valuable time to develop our financial review.

Greg Leifester from York Golf and Tennis Club for all the energy put in to cooking our delicious Harvest Moon Gala Dinner.

Christine Stephenson from Bryce’s Birthright for supporting the Kindstedt family to come on retreat, for donating to our auction items, and for her constant prayers.

Erica Chorebanian and Al Fleury from Wally’s Pub for donating $1,000 from their annual Pig Roast and Bike Run at Hampton Beach.

Megahn Nolan for a successful Pampered Chef Fundraiser that brought in over $600.

Cassie McCracken, Jocelyn Carey, and Heidi Mitrusi from Barrelogic an integrative movement and wellness center in Portsmouth NH raised $460 with a holiday fundraiser at their studio.

Steph Murray selected us as the non-profit partner for the Wallis Sands Half Marathon in May 2016. In exchange for Rett’s Roost volunteers, Streamline events donated $800 to our cause.

Students from Brixham Montessori Friends School – who ran in the The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire Annual 5K race on May 2nd and were one of our first big donors, raising $642.

The Mighty Minions participants of our Spooky Walk at the Spooktacular: The Fuller, Cleary, McIver, and Simeone families of NH raised $1,188 for us.

Karen Green from Green and Co Real Estate for her generous end-of-year donation of $5,000.

Foundations – Lewis Foundation ($10,000), FJR Foundation ($500), Seacoast Rotary Club ($1,500 plus 2016 Turkey Trot Recipients), Liberty Mutual’s Mulligans of Golf Tournament Charity (Aug 2016)

Summer Retreats 2015

Retreat Volunteers – Susanne and Ian Shaw, Kylee Day, Dennis Carahar Music, Kate and Mary Kay Rowland, Laurie St.Marie, Brianna Lawlor, Kim Carver, Gina and Alex Sherman, Brooke from Angel’s Rest, Karen Wharton, Lisa Meconi, Miah Murray, Marjke Yatsevitch, Leslie Condon, Marsha and Tom Aulisio, Keith Wasserman “Mr. Whirly“, Betty Moylan Massage, Laura Brogan, Anne Murray Mozingo, Gladys Belair from Papa Party Ponies

Harvest Moon Gala


Gala Sponsors

Maine Meat (MEat), Orange Circle Farm, Touching Earth Farm, Andrew Bevan Wines, York Golf & Tennis Club, Greenlaw Gardens, Leaven Beer & Bread, Cabot, North Country Cider, Smuttynose, Wiggly Bridge Distillery, Pangea Shellfish Company, NH Community Seafood, Great Rhythm Brewing, Taste of the Seacoast Magazine

Volunteers – Jonas Amberger, Amylyn Fairchild-Amberger, Hilary Dow, Jen Sanborn, Kate and Jake Laverriere, Amy and Jon Spencer, Sarah Berry, Laurie Hoey, Ken Thivierge, Allyson Larochelle, Marjke Yatsevitch, Erika and Mike Behrmann, Ryan Abbott

All of our Auction Donors – MJ Blanchette Art, Sharon McGauley Art, Robert LaBranche Art, Julie Petris from Dream Cheeky, Laura Mackay from Acorn Organic Salon, John Boys, Amy Brnger Art, Daniel Shuman from Salem Cycle, Sandy Tufts, Vaso Partinoudi, Charlotte Zaramba, Misa Erder, Betty Moylan from Refuge Healing Arts, Tiffany White Photography, Jacqueline Scott Massage, Amy Hopkins from Glow, Paul Cunningham, Bridget and Billy Sprague from Sad Lumberjack, Zach Foote from The Children’s Museum of NH, Jill Vranicar Massage, Drs. Savastio and Devlin from Elemental Medicine, Laura Brogan, Kristen and Scott Thornton from Great Rhythm



Spook Sponsors

Green Alliance, Ultra Geothermal, Kennebunk Savings Bank, Frisbie Memorial Hospital, D.F. Richard Energy, Deano Construction, Conlin Web Design, Tri-City Subaru, Energy Improvements, Edward Jones Investments

Volunteers – Melissa Aho, Jordan Lippmeier, Taylor Goodwin, Sue Aho, Susanne Shaw, Marsha Aulisio, Cheryl Dean, Susan and Jason and Amy Kindstedt, Sandy Stowe, Georgiann and Rick Kristek, Rob Cook, Danielle and Maddy Losier, Craig and Grady Dionne, Caitlin McArdle, Alison Neal, Hilary Dow, Meghan Hicking, Andrea Murphy from Hogarth Country Day School, Karen Busch Holman from Refined Art of NH, Jill Spring from Get it Going, Meghan Hicking, Rachel, Kate Hicking, Rick Gibson, Marilyn Blaisdell, Bobbie Lippmeier, Bethany Garboski, Jake Edgecomb, Norma Willard, Kristi Parker, Sarah and Daria Brown, Ana Holt & team from Haunted Overload, Greta Cowan, Ceara Hunt, Shari Hanson, and students from Coe-Brown Academy: Kerry Riley, Shannon Riley, Ambar Mercedes, Kylee West, Casey Davies, Damarah Cormier, Nate Bevins, Brendon Fallon, Mariah Valerio, Cara LaPlante

Food Vendors – David from Boogalows, Elaine Courtemanche from All Occasion Cupcakes, Barry Smith & kids from Orion House, Meghan Evans from Endless Slider, Jan Blackstone from Flatbread of Hampton, Dean & George’s Ice Cream Truck, Starbucks