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Family Grants

In this quite unprecedented year, we are all facing unique challenges and changes. Now, imagine yourself experiencing this new normal on top of a child’s cancer treatment or recent death. Cancer does not go away simply because the world is focused on a highly contagious virus.

Due to the risks of spreading COVID-19 at indoor gatherings and the regulations set by the State of Maine, funding that was reserved for our 2020 retreats was reallocated–in part, to this new Family Grant Program. We have disbursed twelve $2,222 grants in 2020. 

We have always supported both families of survivors and the bereaved through our Retreat Programs, and we will continue to do so with these Family Grants. We have set aside funds for families that are currently in the deep throes of cancer treatment with their child or those that are in deep grief, less than one year out from their child’s death.

Our committee’s decision will be based on the severity of a child’s prognosis, and whether the family has been adversely affected by the pandemic. Preference will be given to families who are most impacted by both cancer and COVID-19, financially, mentally, and personally.

Please fill out the application as thoroughly as possible. And read the Eligibility Guidelines carefully. There is a requirement to send in a letter from a medical professional or death certificate via email to in addition to sending out the application.