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Our Purpose | Rett's Roost

Our Purpose


To be a beacon of healing for families impacted by childhood cancer, offering holistic retreats that create connection, nurture hope, and honor the power of grief and love.


A community of families navigating a path towards healing and re-creating joy in their lives.

  • To provide free retreats, gatherings, and virtual services for families affected by cancer and child loss.
  • To offer psycho-social, therapeutic support for the whole family, including siblings and parents.
  • To create a community of families with similar stories of cancer and loss.
  • To encourage deep healing of the mind, body, and soul through therapeutic techniques, peer connections, healthy habits, body and energy work, and mindfulness toward the natural and spiritual world.
  • To cultivate a sustainable organization through donor and grantor relationships and community business sponsors.
  • To advocate and promote public awareness about the prevalence, treatment, and research for all types of childhood cancer.
  • To collaborate with existing, similar non-profit organizations to increase overall effectiveness in supporting families impacted by childhood cancer and child loss.
  • To carry out the above functions of Rett’s Roost without discriminating against any person or organization because of race, age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or religious belief.

“Amidst the chaos of life after cancer treatment, Rett’s Roost was truly a haven of peace and love. Our whole family made strong connections. We felt safe and understood with fellow families who knew just what we have been through. This retreat far exceeded our expectations and met needs we didn’t even know we had! Our sincere thanks go out to the lovely Cavan Family!” – The Tajima Family