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Our Purpose | Rett's Roost

Our Purpose


To be a sanctuary for families impacted by childhood cancer and child loss, offering a community of empathetic and therapeutic support to help ease the stress of trauma, isolation, and grief.

  • To provide retreat weeks and weekends for families affected by cancer, including those specific to various age groups from toddler to tween, children in transition and remission, and bereaved parents and siblings.
  • To offer nutritious meals and daily classes in art, yoga, meditation, healthy habits, therapeutic play and learning, and mindfulness towards the natural and spiritual world–holistic means of healing that treat the body and soul.
  • To apply, campaign for, and receive funds, gifts, grants, bequests, and endowments in order for families to be able to stay at Rett’s Roost for free.
  • To organize fundraising events to raise monies required for running retreats.
  • To advocate and increase public awareness for research and clinical trials to control, prevent, and cure all types of childhood cancer.
  • To collaborate with existing, similar non-profit organizations to increase overall effectiveness in supporting families experiencing childhood cancer and in bolstering advocacy for finding improved treatments.
  • To do what is necessary to carry forward the above purposes of Rett’s Roost without discriminating against any person or organization because of race, age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or religious belief.

“Amidst the chaos of life after cancer treatment, Rett’s Roost was truly a haven of peace and love. Our whole family made strong connections. We felt safe and understood with fellow families who knew just what we have been through. This retreat far exceeded our expectations and met needs we didn’t even know we had! Our sincere thanks go out to the lovely Cavan Family!” – The Tajima Family