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The Wilson Family

Our entire family of 7 was in the hospital room when doctors first told Mason & us they feared he had cancer in his leg. It felt like a nuclear bomb exploded & transported us into the unknown realm of pediatric cancer. Mere minutes after hearing this life changing & unwelcome news, our brave & unconditionally loving first born son told me he was glad it was a him & not us the parents or his little brothers or sisters. In that unforgettable moment, my son’s soul & character was fully revealed. His love, his loyalty & his determination.

The Mandley Family

On June 20th, 2016, Lyndsey and Chris Mandley learned that their precious son, Carter, was diagnosed with cancer at just 9 innocent months old. They were crushed to learn that Carter had Extra-renal Metastatic Rhabdoid tumors (ER-MRT), a diagnosis that bears an extremely low rate of survival.

The Brown Family

Eoin was diagnosed with Leukemia on September 21, 2016, one month after turning 3 years old. Eoin immediately started treatment and life was such a whirlwind as we were thrusted into the childhood cancer world.

The Kaiser Family

It is always disruptive to the entire family when a child is diagnosed with cancer. In our case we added a relocation from Columbus, OH to Boston in addition to learning that we had two boys needing treatment instead of one, and that the treatment was risky and invasive.

The Ross Family

In under two weeks time, Kate and Rodney Ross’s 2.5 year old daughter Kennedy, a girl with black raven curls nicknamed #littlemissadventure, was airlifted to Boston, underwent emergency surgery, suffered a stroke, was given a cancer diagnosis, and never regained consciousness.